Wednesday, January 7, 2009

T Ridership is up.

The Boston Globe reports that despite the drastic drop in gas prices over the last four months, public transit ridership is still up. In fact there's been an overall increase in ridership numbers in the last quarter across the country.

In a way I think this confirms my theory that the people who bitch loudest about how unnecessary public transportation is, are the ones who have never actually used it. People who started using transit in the summer during the price spike, have continued to use it even when gas is cheap again. You don't have to fight traffic, pay exorbarant parking fees, and you have the chance to relax, and read the paper, or a good book you've been putting off, and sip a comforting warm beverage while riding the bus/train to work.

This was my experience during the periods that I have relied on public transportation, and these conveniences for me and so it seems for other people, out weighed the slight extra time it might take to get to work.

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