Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Barak Hussein Obama

It feels right. The country is in good hands now, so I'll be watching what happens in the next month or so with great interest.

ON a less euphoric note, I'll just put it up front. I hate cars. I hate driving. I hate paying for gas, I hate paying for insurance, and I hate trying to find a place to park. Cars are not liberating, they have not given us the freedom to go where ever we want whenever we want. They are expensive, dirty, and take up a lot of space. My dream is to live in a place and have a job were public transportation negates the need for a car.

This rant brought to you by the pin-headed gas attendant at the Irvings who made it all but impossible for me to cash in my Shaws gas coupons.

I can be so petty sometimes.

So here's hoping to a Stimulus Package that includes lots of public transportation improvements.

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