Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Conspiracy Afoot?

Well, Al Franken has been certified the winner of the Minnesota Senate Election. Despite this, he is not in Washington right now to be sworn in with the other seanators due to Coleman's threatened lawsuit against the results, despite not having a leg to stand on.

About two years ago, I had heard Franken in an interview on NPR (before he was a declared candidate) say that if he did run and if he did get elected, he'd try to get a quickie impeachment trial against George Bush going before Bush left office.

Perhaps Coleman's delaying tactics have less to do with trying to regain his seat, then to keep out of jail. Currently he's the subject of an ethics investigation, and perhaps in exchange for a Bush pardon, he'll try to keep Franken out of the senate long enough for Bush to leave town.

Mind you this is nothing more then paranoid speculation. But it's how I have fun.

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