Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some thought on the GM crisis

Forget bailing out the auto industry. Nationalize it. Yank the companies away from the incompetent boobs who created this crisis. The last thing we need is taxpayer funds paying their golden parachutes.

Take over the companies and retool them to build hybrids, electric cars, you know the cars real Americans want to buy, but havn't been able to get American Made because the dumb jerks running the Big Three have resisted every attempt to madate better gas milage, and instead they keep hunkering down and building more SUV's that nobody wants.

Also put the plants to work buidling heavy equipment that we're going to need to fix the infrastructure of this country, and building public transit vehicles like buses, light rail and subway trains.

And then with the companies back in the black, the US govt. can get out of the auto business, and sell off the companies to responsible investors, and let the market decide once again.

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Vox Populi said...

I have to say, its pretty foolish to think we should bail out the big 3 AND still allow them free reign. Who didn't see this coming? Who hasn't seen the way the auto markets were changing- over the last 30 years? And fuel prices?

30 years ago, the guys at the top of the auto food chain had the power, information, and even mandate to START making some of these changes.

Not one of them, or any of the guys who've taken their places, have seriously made strives to revolutionize the industry, and now look where they, and we are.

Sorry GM, but while I do like and and want to support you, and will buy your products in the future, you've let all of us down, over and over again, for as long as I can remember.