Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Baking Season

As the temperature drops, baking becomes not only easier to do, but a highly desirable way to keep warm. In this last year I've acquired some heavy duty baking equpment including an industrial mixer that promises to churn out batches of cookies like nobodies business.

Since I've joined the buying club, I can feel good that the ingredients I buy are for the most part, organic, localy grown where possible, and where not possible, at least part of a fair trade agreement.

The food we eat can be very political. I learned from this documentary and this this book just how extensively our food is subidized by the governement. If we didn't, farmers couldn't afford fuel and fertilizer to grow their crops. This was a deliberate policy by the Federal Government in the early 1970's to keep the price of food low. Unfortunately this cheap food is largely in the form of corn and corn by-products such as corn syrup. Cheap and abundent, yes, nutritious, no, and it is the direct reason that this country has an obesity problem.

I try to do most of my own cooking and baking now. It's a great hobby, and one gains an appreciation of the effort it takes to churn out a loaf of bread, make a pie, or to cook a healthy meal.

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