Thursday, February 12, 2009

Absolutely Outrageous

The 'moderate' senator Susan Collins was instrumental in killing a clause in the stimulus package that would have provided protections for Federal workers who who blew the whistle on misused funds in the package. This is appalling especially given that Collins is also the ranking Republican for the Senate Oversight Committee.

This shouldn't come as any surprise given that when the Republicans controlled congress, she was the chair of that committee and was near legendary in her ability to look the other way while billions in tax payer money was shipped to Iraq and handed over to contractors with little or no accountability.

Collins is a disgrace and as a resident of Maine I'm especially galled that this crook won reelection last year against Tom Allen, who has a reputation for being scrupulously honest. I don't mind using the people's money in a time of crisis to try to fix that crisis, but I want to make damned sure it is going to boost the economy, and not line some dishonest assholes pocket.

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