Friday, December 5, 2008

Gas is Cheap Again

Which is good because I've personally deemed it too cold to be taking my bike to work anymore. I would gladly trade cheap gas prices for more reliable and/or accessible public transportation between my house and Biddeford, but I realize I'm a minority in that opinion. (maybe not.)

Not to sound too smug but I completely missed the gas spike at $4.00 a gallon this summer while I was using the bus to get to work.

It does seem that the lower oil prices has made the Saudis a wee bit nervous and so enjoy the cheaper gas while you can, it's not bound to last.

The best long term solution for stable gas prices is improved automobile standards, and expanded and improved public transportation options. There's no way around it. Not only because there's only a limited amount of crude in the ground, but also because burning it at a high pace is degrading and destroying our environment.

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